Industrial Dusting

Industrial dusting is the act of cleaning large, high up, and hard to reach places that collect dust, debris, dirt, and grime in larger industrial buildings and manufacturing plants.

The benefit of cleaning these areas is improving sanitation and reducing the risk of dust and dirt falling down on employees, customers, or into manufactured or produced goods.

At RebFor, LLC we are trained to identify, reach, and clean areas where traditional maintenance and housekeeping services cannot reach. Industrial facilities come in all shapes and sizes; therefore, we are prepared for ceilings of all heights with extension poles, specialty vacuums, and lifts.


What do we clean?

  • Rafters

  • Ceiling areas

  • Beams

  • Overhead piping

  • Lighting fixtures

  • Dusty corners

  • Hard to reach areas


How do we clean it?

We use a variety of specialized tools to meet each project’s unique needs.

Our methods include: vacuuming, wet dusting, and use of absorbent and static-cling towels.